IMG_0545Hello and welcome to the Broad Norfolk blog.  At the present time this is going to be an occasional blog. This probably needs a little explanation I think.

First a confession. We only have a loose idea about what we are going to do here ! If you are looking for factual information about Norfolk, visitor information about where to stay, what to do and where to go etc., this blog is probably not for you, it could be, in the future as it develops, but not right now.


These pages are for really for those who have a deep love for and a curiosity about this wonderful county. Essentially what is happening here is some very personal musings about the place we are privileged to call home. Along the way we may uncover some interesting facts and offer these as little curiosities. We may report an event or offer an opinion on one of the many attractions that are commonly advertised but, as we have said, this is not what we are really about. There are plenty of other sites out there that can provide this information infinitely better that we could hope to achieve here.

With this blog we are trying to get into the heart and soul of the place, the pulse of the county often only hinted at and which whispers its siren call just beneath noise and bustle of commerce and the clink of the holiday pound. This is not meant as a contemptuous swipe at modernity and trade by any means. Commerce is the energy that drives today’s busy world and like it or not few can ever quite escape the race, but it is the quite possible to slow the race down a little. There is little doubt that it is the quietude of places like Norfolk that attracts and holds us, at times, spellbound by its simple beauty and majesty. It is something, I think, we all crave as a tonic against the demands of modern living.


The aim of the site is to distill the essence of Norfolk from whatever inspires, that could be a simple walk in nature, through images, art or poetry. We aim to give something different and reveal the counties, too often, occulted soul.

The title ‘Broad Norfolk’ refers to the dialect spoken in this part of East Anglia and we make  no apologies for the fact that we will often slip into the living vernacular of the county. It’s one of the many facets that keeps the area alive and vibrant. We will, however, apologise to members of the Norfolk ‘tribe’ who, we feel sure, will disagree with the way we have represented the language in written form. We would ask fellow ‘lookles’ to be patient with us, this is not an exact science after all.

We should really have called the site Broadly Norfolk because there is no getting away from the fact that the borders between Norfolk and her Sister county of Suffolk are extremely vague and porous to say the least. No man made line on a map can impose the natural connection  and heritage these two counties and its people share. Occasionally we may share some of our thoughts as travel over the border to this equally fascinating and beautiful county.

So there it is, an introduction to an occasional site that will be added to as our mood, inspiration and time will allow and we would very much welcome your comments and input. It will be a site that will probably contain many shades and colours, light and dark. There probably will be things here that you enjoy and equally there will be things that you do not. Either way, we hope I that you will find it interesting and will visit often.

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Until next time

Fare ye well.