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The Norfolk Broads in all its wonderful beauty.

My sister told me of a video that had recently been posted on facebook. Now this site is ok as far as it goes but if you want to see a site dedicated to this beautiful part of the country I urge you to click here:

This site beautifully captures the magic and majesty of The Broads. The photography is absolutely stunning, the music and voiceovers on the videos sensitively portray the natural wonder of the place. I cant find out much about the gentleman who put this site together, I believe his name is John, but I would venture that he has an obvious love for his subject and expresses this perfectly, that he has the heart of an artist is obvious to me. I cant recommend this site highly enough, I have often thought of making videos of Norfolk much along the lines of those on this site but lack the skill and technical knowhow forbids me, John perfectly shows it should be done.

As I said this site is ok as far as it goes but The Waterland is stunning. Unfortunately my limited subscription to my site does not allow videos but click the link above and prepare to taken on a beautiful and heart warming journey through Norfolk and The Broads.