The Spirit of the Hare

Inspired by the magical sight of a Hare darting for cover at my approach. I wrote the following verse. There is something very other worldly about this illusive creature that both captivates and fascinates.  For me the Hare is an ethereal animal rarely seen it haunts the fields and the margins and in this verse I imagine the Spirit of Hare as a presence in this and another, more mysterious world. The artwork came later but I hope captures the mood of the words.

The Spirit of the Hare

I am the herald of the Spring,
The harbinger of life renewed am I,
A fleeting shadow, a hedgerow form,
A dweller of the margins, you will not see me.

I am the phantom of the borders,
Where day and night meet,
A spectre in a sleeping land, lighted by mistress moon,
Into silver threaded mists I silently fade, you will not hear me

A true creature of nature I, born of The Mother,
The alchemy of life combines in me,
Rich earth, sweet dew of morning, the fire of dawns spark,
These form my bone, my blood, my sinew, you will not control me.

I am the mystery of natures call to life,
When Lord Sun brings warmth to awakening land,
Full throbbing with the ache of fertility,
To seed new life, you will not restrain me.

I am the creature you long to see,
In full view the bare, ploughed earth masks my form,
Under the vast celestial firmament you may find me,
But quick of foot, fleeting as a falling star, you will not catch me.

I am known by many names,
Bandy, Wat, Sally, Sukey,
But no label conjured by man will define me,
Much more than animal am I,
I am the pure force of the living land,
No flesh imprisons me, no world confines me.
I am the walker between the veils,
The trickster, The portent of doom,
And the bringer of good fortune too.
This and more is said of me,
But you do not know me.

I am the mystery of life,
I am the myth, a totem, a glyph.
Forever hidden from tortured hearts,
Chained minds curse my liberty and in that torment,
You cannot ever know me.

I am freedom, I am liberty, the driving lust for life itself,
I am of the earth, the air, the water and the fire,
I am the reminder of your long occulted nature,
Of the paradise lost,
I am of the hidden realms of fey and of the angels too,
I am The Spirit Of The Hare.

Nigel Canham 2016

Spirit of Hare


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